Alicja Onyszko

Project Architect

An accomplished and highly creative team member, Alicja is fascinated by how spaces influence people. She is always studying the impact of light within the spaces she helps design. Alicja is known for her exacting attention to detail and her extensive experience covers all project phases, from design through construction documentation. She is skilled in conceptual space planning and 3-D rendering, enabling her to bring clients into the design discussion early in a project. Alicja's architectural experience includes both public and private work, K-12 schools, banks and other commercial projects.

When she is not working, Alicja enjoys utilizing her creativity in her garden and in the kitchen, cooking a wide variety of foods. Alicja puts her love of architecture into action at home, exposing her daughters and their friends to the world of design.

Education & Certifications

  • Master of Architecture and Engineering, Technical University of Gdansk, Poland