Avondale Market

This 27,300 square foot Market and Retail Shops project is the City of Redmond’s first commercial project to be located in a residential neighborhood. The scale and design reflects consideration for the neighborhood.

A Neighbor Center in Redmond, Washington, Avondale Market consists of a 11,700 square foot retail mixed-use building and a 27,300 square foot market. The scale and character of the buildings were carefully integrated within the primarily residential location. Favored for its durability and economy, as well as texture and color offerings, CMU was used for multiple design elements incorporating the Pacific Northwest style.

The team worked closely with local agencies to design this small neighborhood center. Developing a pilot project that would set the standards for future developments was important for the City. The project has strong street presence and pedestrian movement, both to and through the site. In addition, it was important that the project maintain visibility from all four sides and relate to the scale of the adjacent residential community.