Darrington Residence

This new residence in Darrington is situated on a north-facing slope with a Cascade Mountain view to the west. The shape and orientation of the home were driven by sensitivity to the views and exposure to the natural elements. The home was designed to accommodate a young active family whose members have multiple talents and hobbies.

The interlocking “U-shaped” house is dug into the hillside and has a simple pitched roof that closely approximates the angle of the natural grade. The graduated experience of moving up and around four levels, organized in both public and private zones, is echoed from the mountainous landscape.

The communal spaces are centrally located both horizontally and vertically to encourage interaction and ease of utility. The most private areas are located on the upper levels - on the wooded side of the home. Amenities include a studio, darkroom, workshop, and a series of on-grade outdoor patios that correspond to their respective interior levels.