Garfield Elementary School

Everett School District selected Dykeman for this complete phased modernization of Garfield Elementary School. The school previously housed approximately 450 K-5 students in approximately 50,960 square feet. Once the modernization was complete, the school capacity could accommodate 550 students. Portions of Garfield Elementary failed to meet certain code requirements, suffered from years of wear and tear, and did not adequately meet the needs of the instructional program housed at the school. The modernization addressed these deficiencies. The scope of work included relocation of the administration and library, relocation and expansion of the stage area of the cafeteria, and adding daylighting to instructional areas to enhance the learning environment, all while students were in school. Site work included a new, enhanced campus entry and reconstruction of circulation, parking and student drop off/pick-up areas.

"Dykeman has been a consistent and dependable source for architectural design for our schools and support facilities for many years.  This is primarily due to the excellent services they have provided, including excellent communication.  They have been careful listeners and adept at providing what we have asked for, and more."

Hal Beumel, Director of Construction, Facilities & Planning, Everett Public Schools