Monroe Family Village

Monroe Family Village was programmed and designed for 47 family units comprised of 31 two-bedroom and  16 three-bedroom units in a mix of townhouses and flats.  A 3000 square foot community building compliments the housing units with classroom space, management offices, support personnel and laundry facilities.  Additionally, a 2000 square foot commercial/retail space is planned for the street frontage of the site.  This building, coupled with a generous urban plaza create a gateway into the housing community. 

The complex is designed to meet the Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard.  The buildings are designed and placed such that they can take full advantage of solar positioning, including the potential for a full rooftop solar array. 

Monroe Family Village will not only be a place to live; it will also teach, supporting sustainability criteria for the complex and embodying the client’s goals for healthy and sustainable living.  The site is very deep and narrow with significant elevation change over one-third of the site.  The sustainability goals are achieved in chorus with building placement that encourages community activities.  This is achieved through numerous formal and informal outdoor spaces – a village green, a community pea patch, sport courts, playgrounds, seating walls throughout, amphitheater terraced seating – that both teach and encourage an environment for neighborly interaction.