Safeway Pinehurst

In collaboration with Safeway and the Pinehurst community in north Seattle, Dykeman designed a new lifestyle grocery store located in the heart of this vibrant neighborhood. The original store was built and designed by Dykeman in the early 1960s. The new 50,000-square-foot store expands on the original footprint while integrating community-requested features that reflect the neighborhood's desire for a environmentally-sensitive gathering place.

Pinehurst is the first Safeway store in the state designed for LEED Silver Certification. It features "green" elements such as an eco-friendly pervious parking lot recharging the groundwater, energy-saving refrigeration heat reclaim, and local materials used in construction. Other amenities include an indoor-outdoor deli/coffee shop eating area with a fireplace, landscaping, bike racks, and pedestrian walkways with lighting and safety improvements. The goal was to create not only a convenient new grocery and pharmacy, but also a place for community members to gather with friends and family.