Sehome High School

Sehome High School is a comprehensive high school located on Sehome Hill on the south side of Bellingham, Washington, serving approximately 1,050 students. The existing facilities, totalling roughly 175,000 square feet on a 40-acre site, was originally constructed in 1966. Bellingham Public Schools is replacing the existing Sehome High School with a new modern facility, which will be constructed on the school's current site while existing facilities remain largely in use. The new high school, which will be approximately 183,622 square feet and have a 1,200-student capacity, will consist of one main structure with a two-story academic wing, along with a performing arts and physical education wing.

The design was developed by Dykeman in partnership with Bellingham Public Schools and a Design Advisory Committee. The mission was to envision a space that supports students, teachers, and leadership collaborating in a learning environment that is flexible and creative, with a goal of providing an engaging and adaptable space which accommodates current and future educational needs. 

The "Bellingham Promise" served as the strategic document for achieving the mission and core values of Sehome High School. The overall site design embraces the Bellingham Promise by creating spaces that communicate a strong sense of civic pride and positive social interaction in combination with hands-on, project-based, outdoor learning opportunities. The site includes active social spaces for the public and school community, hands-on learning spaces immediately adjacent to internal learning spaces, and fields and play courts for physical activity. A variety of sizes and types of spaces are included in order to provide a wide variety of experiences – from large formal paved areas to small intimate gathering spaces; from active ‘messy’ learning labs to passive displays.