Vashon Island Residence

Situated within 7.6 acres of heavily wooded land on a bluff overlooking Vashon Island's Quarter-Master Harbor, this  new residence was designed to have minimal impact on its natural environment.  The 3,000 square foot home is a retreat from the city for its owners --- a  young, active family that enjoys flexibility.

Taking advantage of the sloping building  site, the entry facade is purposefully understated to be visually minimized  amongst the trees.  As one enters,  the modest entry gives way to poetic views of the harbor filtering through the  trees.  A massive concrete chimney  pulls double-duty anchoring the living spaces both within and at the exterior  of the home.  The adjacent rooms  are versatile and open.  A series  of operable accordion-like floor-to-ceiling windows provide access to the  1,200 square foot entertaining deck, which includes an "outdoor dining  room."  Other amenities include a  flexible day-lit basement, custom soaking tub, and cabin-like bunkroom, all  with expansive windows that open to allow nature to flow in to the house.