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Design For All

As a team, we bring structures and spaces to life through creative vision and strategic know-how.

Diversity + Equity & Inclusion

Community to
Our Core

We never lose sight of who interacts with and experiences our architecture, interiors, and graphics: people. Human-centric and community-minded, our practice embodies humility, compassion, and empathy—leading to design that honors our collective spaces and makes room for everyone.

Dykeman team reviewing plans and drawings

We band together under these commitments:

Providing an extraordinary experience.

In every aspect of our work—from interiors and graphics, to people-centric design, to our interactions with every team member—our integrated teams prioritize balance, authenticity, functionality, and respect. The end result is collaboration that excites and environments that inspire.

Adding exceptional value.

Thoughtful, creative, and strategic—our teams work hard to understand and internalize the operations, goals, and aspirations of our clients. Through innovative design and inventive problem solving, we exceed expectations while remaining productive and efficient. 

Developing and sustaining relationships.

We foster an environment where everyone has a seat at the table and every voice is heard. Thanks to our proven track record of successful projects, and family-oriented team culture, we enjoy high employee retention and a roster full of established, repeat clients.

Trish Sherman headshot

“I love that I get to come to work every day and surround myself with a brilliant, creative team of people. After all these years they really have become like family. I value the relationships with my clients. I love that I get to combine my passion for art and building/creating – two of the influences from my childhood – in the work that I do.” ​


Trish Sherman


Dykeman team working in office around table

Diversity + Equity+ Inclusion

At Dykeman, we operate with the intent to make a lasting impact within our firm, our profession, and society at large. We are committed to cultivating a healthy, equitable, and inclusive culture for all of our team members. To that end, we strive to learn and evolve every day—and remain focused on educating ourselves and developing policies to strengthen our commitments.

Dykeman holds a JUST 2.0 certification through International Living Future Institute. Details of our JUST 2.0 label can be found here.

Dykeman team working around large table together

“I enjoy designing from 30,000 feet to 3 inches; this breadth is key to achieving a cohesive, complete experience. I believe successful design is measured against the relationship cultivated between the end-user and the design team.”

Michael Stevens


Join Our Team

Join our Team

We are a collaborative, family-oriented, multi-disciplinary firm of architects, interior designers, and graphic designers located on the Everett waterfront.

We'd Love to Talk

At Dykeman, we’re committed to finding and investing in creative and inspiring talent. Our team is made up of professionals who approach each project with ingenuity and are driven to find the best solutions for our clients. 

We’re always looking for motivated, innovative thinkers. Send your cover letter, resume, and portfolio to: 

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