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Everett Public Library – Coffee Shop

The Everett Public Library opened a new coffee shop in the former reading room of the historic building; it had been a longtime goal of the library to provide this amenity for the community and patrons.


Everett, WA


Everett Public Library

Dykeman worked in collaboration with library staff and the coffee shop operator to transform the existing space into a cafe and community gathering place. T

he design preserves the historical integrity of the room by retaining and slightly modifying the original casework. Vibrant new paint colors accentuate original pilaster details on the walls and ceiling, creating a more intimate atmosphere. New elements, such as the barista bar, are more contemporary in design. The result is a dynamic new space that is proving successful for both the coffee shop operator and the library. One patron reportedly remarked, “It feels like it’s always been here!”

The space is furnished with touches that make the coffee shop different from the typical national-chain coffee shops: classicly-styled library tables, chairs, and lamps, along with displays of artwork from local artists. The cafe also offers a variety of activities for diverse age groups, including book readings, author programs, club meetings, live musical performances, educational demonstrations, art exhibitions, and after-hours special events. Customers can visit the coffee shop for light-menu dining and to consume beverages both in the cafe and in the library proper. 

Dykeman has worked with the Everett Public Library for a number of years, starting with a major historical restoration and modernization in 1991, and more recent departmental reorganizations and interior space remodels.

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