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Peoples Bank – Everett

This project involved major renovation of an existing building located at 2702 Colby Avenue in Everett.


Everett, WA


Peoples Bank

The existing building was constructed in 1959 and had one floor and a basement. The basement is 6,759 SF and the main floor is 6,461 SF for a total of 13,220 SF. The building is on a corner, with two sides facing major streets and one side facing an alley. The fourth side is a common ‘party’ wall, adjoining another building.

As part of this renovation, all exterior wall cladding materials were demolished, including brick masonry, concrete panels, storefront and windows.  Roofing was demolished, although the roof framing was retained and modified in several areas. The foundation and wall framing were also retained, with some modification.  All systems were removed and replaced, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical.  Two new stairs were constructed, as well as an elevator. Likewise, all interior finishes are new.

The new program is accommodated in the same square footage, with the primary banking and customer services located on the main floor, including private offices, open office, conference room, lobby and clerical support spaces.  The basement level houses a lunchroom, training room, toilet rooms, a quiet room, storage, and mechanical and electrical support spaces.

Exterior improvements included new landscaping and sidewalk repair/replacement where new planting beds were installed.

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