North Creek High School

In response to explosive growth, Northshore School District is planning a new high school on a 61-acre site in the north end of the district. The 250,000 sf facility will accommodate 1,600 students, and will be a comprehensive high school with a S.T.E.M. focus. “Deep green” design is a significant component of this project with a very high level of sustainability as a goal.

Sustainability goals for this project include significant water and energy conservation, as well as sustainable sourcing of materials, including prioritizing locally-sourced materials to minimize carbon footprint impacts. Trees from the existing site have been mapped and evaluated, and may be incorporated into the project in the form of flooring, finish trim, or paneling. Innovative design concepts such as ground source heating and cooling, enhanced building envelope, rain-gardens, storm water infiltration, rainwater harvesting and on-site energy production through a photo-voltaic array are being considered as well. Additional sustainable strategies are being vetted by the design team, each one being assessed against LEED for Schools and the Living Building Challenge. An overarching goal of the project will be to provide staff and students the opportunity to use these design elements as teaching/learning tools.