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Bothell High School

The Bothell High School campus redevelopment project consisted of three phases. Phase I involved constructing a new P.E./Athletics Building. Phase II included a Performing Arts Center and a math and science classroom building. Phase III focused on redevelopment of the south end, adding administration, classrooms, and other facilities.


Bothell, WA


Northshore School District

Phase I

The new 53,557-square-foot P.E./Athletics Building on the Bothell High School campus was an anchor component of the Campus Redevelopment Master Plan. This centerpiece building was designed to capture the spirit of the Bothell campus and serve as a hub for athletic activity. Accommodations include dedicated areas for cardiovascular and weight training, aerobics, wrestling, practice and tournament basketball courts, locker rooms, hydro-therapy, team rooms, and equipment storage.

Since the athletic facility serves such a vital part of the required curriculum and extracurricular activities, careful consideration was given in the planning stages of the project to ensure that there would be no interruption of service. The new building was constructed around the existing buildings and was fully operational before the existing gym building was demolished.

Phase II

Bothell High School Phase II consists of this new 38,244-square-foot Performing Arts Center, featuring a 605-seat auditorium and an 80-seat Black Box Theater, as well as a fly loft, orchestra pit, scene shop, recording studio, green room, dressing rooms, and music and band spaces. Additionally, Phase II includes a separate 29,322-square-foot, 2-story math and science classroom building just south of the Athletics Facility. One of the main goals during Phase II was to create a Master Plan for all future phases of the school campus, establishing a cohesive approach for the entire site. A portion of the Master Plan was completed by adding the main public courtyard and public face of the campus in the Phase II project. We worked with staff and administration, the City of Bothell, and the Northshore Performing Arts Center Foundation, which shares operation of the Performing Arts Facility and invests the community in the campus facility.

Phase III

Phase III of Bothell High School includes the redevelopment of the south end of the school campus. Thanks to the passage of the 2006 capital bond by District voters, design was able to begin in 2007. Phase III includes work on Administration, Counseling, Student Services, General and Special Purpose Classrooms, Special Education, Culinary Arts Classroom, Commons and Kitchen. The project consisted of approximately 87,000 square feet of building area, as well as the final re-development of the site; this involved building in the middle of the existing campus while school operations were ongoing. Due to the complexity of this process, Cornerstone General Contractors were selected for the GC/CM contract and were involved in the schematic design to assist in determining the best approach to mitigating these issues. Phase I is located on the extreme northern end of the campus; Phase II entailed construction within the existing campus, nearly bisecting it; and Phase III did the same. Phase III divided the P.E. building, Performing Arts Center, and the primary student parking area to the north from the remainder of the temporary campus to the south. Careful consideration was given to the selection of building materials with regard to both District standards and ease of maintenance.

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