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Strawberry Court apartments exterior
Alicja Onyszko headshot

Alicja Onyszko

Design Staff 

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”


-Jim Rohn

Born and raised in Poland, Alicja earned her Master of Architecture and Engineering degree from Technical University of Gdansk in Poland. In 1995 Alicja and her husband and two daughters moved to the US. Alicja has been a part of the Dykeman family since 2001 and has worked on a multitude of different projects including small and large-scale commercial and mixed-use projects, tenant improvements, urban planning, K-12 schools, banks, residential homes, and multi-family housing projects.


“I grew up in a country where there was never enough housing. The city where I attended high school was old; it had traditions and history. All of these factors prompted my imagination to dream and strive for better design, capturing beautiful as well as functional spaces.” In addition to designing beautiful spaces, Alicja also has a passion for sustainable design including passive houses with biophilic elements.


In her free time, Alicja enjoys reading, hiking, and walking with her camera to capture special moments outdoors.

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