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HopeWorks office interior
Daniel Thompson headshot

Daniel Thompson

Graphic Designer 

“Love what you do… this will not only drive you, but will also drive clients to you.”

With Dykeman since 2003, Daniel is passionate about making the useful beautiful. An experienced graphic designer, Daniel brings a wide range of exceptional skills to the Dykeman team including branding, signage, and graphic design. He strives to effectively and creatively communicate the unique personality of each brand, helping clients develop a clear vision and tailoring that vision to their specific needs.


Daniel has worked on a variety of projects, including signage and graphics for local schools and non-profits. “I appreciate working at Dykeman because of the opportunity we’re given to set individual goals and the opportunity to grow in our position via project opportunities, education, and personal support.”


In his free time, Daniel enjoys spending time at his home, creating art, playing with his three young children, and riding and restoring classic BMW motorcycles.

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