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Twin Lakes apartments
Doug Hofius headshot

Doug Hofius



I love community building. When we design innovative housing, we have a profound impact on an entire region."

As a fourth generation Seattle native, Doug feels a deep connection with the Pacific Northwest. After graduating college with an art degree, Doug worked as a contractor prior to going to graduate school in Texas, “studying Architecture felt like a natural progression.” During the last six years, as an architect at Dykeman, Doug has worked side by side with great clients and projects. “I feel 100% supported in my profession at Dykeman. The firm’s goals align perfectly with mine.” Currently, Doug’s project focus is on multi-family residential projects, each with a unique set of needs.


Doug is the president of the Clinton Community Council, an advocacy group for the small unincorporated town on Whidbey Island. Doug believes being part of this group gives him good insight into the workings of planning departments and government agencies, allowing him to better serve clients at Dykeman.


Outside of work and community activities, Doug and his wife Betsy live on a small farm on Whidbey Island where they stay busy raising animals.

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