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School office and interior with students
Jacob Lemieux headshot

Jacob Lemieux

Design Staff 

“Each new situation requires a new architecture.”

-Jean Nouvel

After graduating with a Master’s of Architecture from University of Texas, Jacob moved to Everett in 2017 to pursue a career in architecture at Dykeman.  His school experience taught him a thoughtfulness and rigor that he enjoys applying to projects in the office. “Dykeman gives me the freedom to attend seminars and extended learning opportunities. They have allowed me to pursue work I am interested in and that’s really valuable to me.”


In his time at Dykeman Jacob has worked on local elementary and high schools. While efficient at digital modeling and drafting, Jacob enjoys hand sketching and physical model making. With an interest in building details, he hopes to follow through with design into construction. “I’ve found that I really enjoy the Construction Administration phase of building and have been lucky to be a part of that in some capacity.”


In his free time Jacob enjoys rock climbing, hiking and backpacking, trying new food, cooking, and playing video or board games with friends.

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