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Peoples Bank interior
Kelli Smith headshot

Kelli Smith

Consulting Principal 

“I love the creative process; taking a complex set of challenges and shaping space that is both dynamic and functional.”

With a deep need to create beautiful spaces, Kelli studied Interior Design prior to pursuing her Master’s of Architecture. Kelli is a knowledgeable leader and multi-disciplinary expert who brings visionary leadership and a powerful combination of skills and talents to her projects. She has an impressive portfolio as an architect and interior designer, nimbly weaving each discipline into integrated and intelligent client solutions.


Kelli integrates brand-building synergy into every project element from building systems to furniture systems, to finish materials. As a project leader, she inspires creativity in her team and advocacy for her client. “One of the most satisfying aspects of my work is forming a trusted partnership with my clients and working together to create spaces of which we’re both proud.” Her varied experience includes designing community places such as K-12 schools, libraries, banks, and city halls.


Away from her leadership responsibilities, Kelli can be found cooking up something mouthwatering in the kitchen. She and her family are northwest hikers, bike riders and explorers. Currently Kelli is on a mission to shape her outdoor environment at home, creating a multi-level, multi-roomed garden.

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