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Miranda Otto headshot

Miranda Otto



“Architecture can’t force people to connect, it can only plan the crossing points, remove barriers, and make the meeting places useful and attractive.”


– Denise Scott Brown

Growing up with a parent in the Army, Miranda has lived in numerous places. After graduating from Norwich University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Studies and a Master’s of Architecture, Miranda moved to Washington State to start her dream career. With the Dykeman team since 2016, Miranda carries her enthusiasm through all aspects of her work. Whether analyzing complex design options or understanding upcoming code amendments, harnessing BIM to improve design, or seeking sustainable options for housing affordability, Miranda is highly adaptive and a quick study, providing critical input and energy to any project.


Miranda is well versed in local land use codes, navigating the permit process across neighboring jurisdictions, and is familiar with both multi-family residential and K-12 project types. Since starting at Dykeman, Miranda has worked on local elementary and high schools.


Outside of the office, Miranda enjoys reading, exploring new places, and outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, hiking, and fishing.

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