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Sunnyland Elementary School

Located in the Bellingham Public School District, Sunnyland Elementary School currently accommodates approximately 300 students in 31,200 square feet of building space.


Bellingham, WA


Bellingham School District

A redevelopment of the school and the site will address issues with code requirements, wear and tear, energy efficiency, and instructional program capacity. The redevelopment of the 2.92-acre site will involve replacement of the existing school, including improvements to parking and site circulation. Once complete, the redeveloped school will be able to accommodate up to 450 students in a new building area of 58,000 square feet. This project will also include the addition of a covered play structure approximately 3,500 square feet in size.

The new facility will be used primarily for elementary school instruction, but will also be a resource for community use. The new Sunnyland Elementary will be designed to support the Bellingham Public Schools’ Mission/Vision and Strategic Plan, and is slated to open to students in 2022.

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