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Apartment building exterior and walkway
Stefano Zucca Headshot

Stefano Zucca

LEED®️ AP BD+C, CPH Designer

Design Staff 

“Most of the wonderful places in the world were not made by architects but by the people.”

– Christopher Alexander

Stefano’s interest in architecture began while living in Birmingham, UK, during the massive redevelopment and revitalization of one of the city’s main quarters. While working in a small architectural firm (London, UK) specializing in retail and industrial architecture, and building a solid portfolio focused on attention to details, Stefano pursued a Master of Architecture in Sustainability and Design, following his true passion for designing in a more sustainable way.


After moving to the United States in 2011, Stefano spent three years working on large retail projects in China, never giving up on the idea of pursuing more meaningful architecture. His work at Dykeman provides him the opportunity to explore a field of architecture that exclusively addresses the well-being of the community where he is living, as well as gaining a familiarity with Net-Zero and Living Building Challenge projects, where he is eager to contribute his skills and expertise. He also hopes to soon become certified to design Passive Houses.


In Stefano’s spare time he enjoys keeping his honeybees, spending time outdoors with his children and wife, and watching sports. He also enjoys regularly keeping in touch with his family in Italy via FaceTime to improve his childrens’ Italian language skills.

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